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About us


Marc is German-French and I'm from Puerto Rico. We met on my Caribbean Island and got married in 2001.  We soon moved to Boston, as students. We later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where our first adorable daughter Noemi was born.


With Noemi, we were not sure what languages to teach her: Spanish, French, English. We decided she should learn all three, but wondered if it's not too much. We soon discovered that music is a great way to practice and develop a language.


Noemi also gave me the desire and motivation to start an educational program for children, based on music in Spanish.  I started teaching in my house in Alpharetta, GA in 2004 and singing Spanish songs for Noemi's friends. Then we moved to Los Angeles, CA where I continued teaching in our new house and people came to sing and do playdates in Spanish. Then we moved back to Boston in 2006.  We were blessed upon arrival with our second daughter Emilie.

Now our family just speaks two languages at home: I speak Spanish to our daughters, and Marc speaks French. Since we lived in the US over 15 years, the girls have also learned English at school and with their friends.

In 2007 Marc and I started composing some songs in Spanish and recording them for the classes I was teaching for my program "Music and Play in Spanish".  We were having a lot of fun together doing it. Emilie is the family singer. She would not stop singing all day long and would come up with pieces of lyrics, while Noemi developed into our family artist. Most of the illustrations are her work, even the CD covers.

We thought we were done with children, and along came Lily in 2011 with more happiness. She is sweet, and likes to sing, so she fits right in.  We sing together in Spanish.

We have over 40 songs now and we think that we should share our fun hobby with all families and people who like music and want to practice Spanish.  Music is one of the best ways to learn more vocabulary in any language, because you learn words not in isolation, but in the context of a song.  And it is even more fun when it brings the whole family together in one exciting activity.

Sing along at home, in your car or wherever you are.  Listen to some samples or Download our albums.  Enjoy.




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