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Our Music in Spanish

Listening to music has become a great habit that helps our three daughters to enrich their languages in a fun way and to learn more vocabulary every day.

We first started making our own versions of some classics, and later Marc and I wrote some more songs. Our daughters helped us tremendously with compositions and singing. When Emilie was 2 years old, she started singing "Hojas de Otoño" (Fall Leaves) while playing on the kitchen floor. This is her song. Noemi made up the chorus and the melody of "Caballito" ("Horsy"). The entire family started taking part in every song, which added to the fun.

This is how we got here. Music in another language is a wonderful way for children to expand their vocabulary and give them yet another opportunity to grow their minds and increase their learning effortlessly.

We are very happy to share a part of us and make our songs available to others. Click on the pictures to the right to listen to samples of our music.

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